Arunside Primary School, Blackbridge Lane,
Horsham, RH12 1RR

Tel: 01403 263919

School Website

Available to buy online and at our new shop in Horsham from the 1st April 2020 - find directions here

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Arunside Jumper
Arunside Jumper
Arunside Cardigan
Arunside Polo
Arunside Polo
Boys Shirts - White (Twin Pack)
Tie Collar Blouses - White (Twin Pack)
Junior Boys-Fit Trousers - Grey
Junior Girls-Fit Skirt - Grey
Boys-Fit Junior School Shorts - Grey
Pinafore Dress - Grey
Gingham Dress - Blue/White
Arunside Book bag
Arunside Fleece
Arunside Fleece
Arunside Reversible Jacket
Arunside House PE T-shirts
Shadow Stripe Shorts - Navy
Shadow Stripe Shorts - Black
Arunside PE Hoodie
Joggers - Navy
Joggers - Navy
Joggers - Black
Joggers - Black
From £12.95
Arunside PE Bag
Water Bottles
Name Labels - Iron On
Name Labels - Iron On
From £6.95
Peel 'n Stick Name Labels (Voucher Card)
Name Labels - Sew On (Voucher Card)
Name Labels - Ad-Tag Bonding Labels
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