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Name Labels - Ad-Tag Bonding Labels


Includes 20 labels.

Suitable for all clothes that just stick on and bond within 24 hours.

Just add the name of your child to the custom text section below how you would like it to appear on the label. i.e. in captial letters or lower case.

The glue on our labels is super-sticky to ensure that it can withstand washing and tumble drying. 

For clothing, firstly please make sure that the clothing has been washed (if new) and that it is dry, and then follow these simple instructions to ensure your labels stay permanently attached:

1. Fold the sheet along side the edge of a row of Ad-Tags.

2. Brush your finger over the edge of one of the labels, you should find that the Ad-Tag peels off easily, but be careful not to touch the glue on the back. If you find it tricky to unpeel the label from its backing, try using a fingernail or tweezers.

3. Carefully place the Ad-Tag onto the wash care label of the garment.

4. Leave the garment for at least 24 hours before washing to give the glue time to adhere to the surface.

It really is that simple.

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